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Lori McGeary
Purchase Date: 12-02-2015
Sales Person: Jim Gentry and several techs.


Dear Mr. Milosch,

I wanted to let you know how your Service staff went well above and beyond for me yesterday.

I lease a 2014 Dodge Charger and was loading books into the trunk of my car.  I caught my diamond engagement ring on the rubber seal that goes around the trunk and it bent the prongs of my ring and the diamond fell right out into this tiny slot where I could not see it.   I had just gotten engaged a month ago and it was a beautiful ring and diamond.  I was devastated and shocked that it happened and wasn't quite sure what to do.  I was afraid to drive it, but there was no way for me to remove the lower fascia and search for it myself.  I reluctantly drove the vehicle to the dealer, knowing that is was very possible that the diamond being such a small size, could have dropped out of the vehicle.  Upon arriving at the Palace, I explained my unique situation to the service staff and they jumped right into action.  Jim Gentry was an integral part of getting the technicians involved and having them carefully try to remove the parts necessary to look for the diamond.

They had a group of service staff working on this and tried their very best.  Unfortunately, they were unable to find the diamond.  But they certainly went above and beyond to try and help me.  I was so impressed by their dedication and efforts to try to save the day. 

I just wanted to thank them for their extra attempts and help.  This was a sad day for what I lost, but I am so grateful for all that they did to try and find it.

Mary Lou Robertson

Purchase Date: 01-17-2008
Sales Person: Cathy Maniace


 For those who dread the process of purchasing a car have never bought a vehicle from Palace Chrysler Jeep.  Cathy is helpful, caring, and fun.  She is always ready to make the process easy.  So try their experience - you'll really enjoy buying a car.

Kerry Rickalius
Purchase Date: 02-06-2008
Sales Person: Cathy Maniace

 What a great experience at Palace!  Cathy Maniace was extremely helpful and a joy to work with.  We got a great deal and a great Wrangler.  We know where to come for our next vehicle.

Tom Troy
Purchase Date: 02-20-2008
Sales Person: Roger Kibbe


 I just wanted to take a moment and pass on a special Thank You to your dealership and especially Roger Kibbe for help with our recent vehicle lease/purchase from your dealership.

roger played a pinnacle role in helping us with the payoff process which was a lengthy and difficult ordeal due to our relocation to Texas during the middle of the lease period.

Anyway we were able to send the payoff through the proper channels thanks to Roger and we are now completely satisfied with the results.

Bob R.

Purchase Date: 02-22-2008
Sales Person: Dawn & Devon


 I rarely write 'good job' letters and have never written one to a car dealership.  But on Monday this week I went to the parts department because I was having trouble with a power window unit on my daughters Jeep Liberty.  While they were not convinced that my part was bad they did give me the closest dealer location that had one in stock in case it was.  They also suggested that I check with the Service department.

I was dreading having to leave my daughters car because I didn't know how to get home and what car I would use during the time the car was being analyzed and fixed.  I went to Service and spoke with Dawn about my problem.  I was looking for the 'quick' answer so I could proceed to the dealer who had the part in stock and be done with it and get on with my day.  Dawn dug right into my problem and snagged a guy named Devon and he indicated that if my part was OK that I would pay ninety-one dollars and still have the problem.  Together they tried to test my part to see if it was bad and indicated that all the procedures they tested indicated my problem was elsewhere and gave me three things I could easily test at home and if those didn't work a service call would be justified without spending money on parts which worked.

Well to my sheer joy their suggestions worked.

I just wanted someone over there to know that you have two great, get-the-job-done employees.  Then them again for me.

Patricia & Gregory Kubik
Purchase Date: 06-11-2008
Sales Person: Drew Storing

 We have recently had the pleasure of having Drew Storing help us select a new vehicle to lease.  He is such an excellent sales consultant that I felt I must write this letter of praise. He is exceptional in every category I can think of. I could elaborate but will just say that he did an excellent job to win our business. We definitely plan on contacting Drew for our future car needs.  The total "Palace" experience was pleasurable and Drew was awesome.